Minnesota Natural Health Legal Reform Project


The Minnesota Natural Health Legal Reform Project (MNHLRP), a 501c4 grass roots consumer organization, was formed in 1996 to protect access to natural health care in the state of Minnesota. MNHLRP was the citizen force behind the passage of Chapter 146A, the Complementary and Alternative Health Freedom of Access Act, passed in 2000 by the Minnesota State Legislature. Chapter 146A is a landmark piece of legislation which affirms peoplesí rights to access natural health information, products and healing services of their choice.  Many other states have copied Minnesota's legislation and passed Health Freedom laws for their citizens.

here to find the full text of Minnesota Statute 146A.

Our Mission
MNHLRPís mission is threefold:

  1. Research Minnesota laws and regulations impacting the natural healing arts. 
  2. Reform the laws to ensure citizensí access to the healing methods they wish.
  3. Ensure practitionersí rights to practice natural healing arts. Our goal is also to ensure that Minnesota consumers have access to natural health information.

Please read through our web pages and feel free to join us in fulfilling our mission.