Minnesota Natural Health Legal Reform Project

The Client Bill of Rights

As part of the passage of MN Statute 146A, the legislature wanted to assure the citizens of Minnesota about their rights as consumers of unlicensed natural health in Minnesota.  A Client Bill of Rights was created and the law requires that the practitioners give their clients a copy of this bill of rights.  In addition, they must post a copy in their place of business.

This Bill of Rights includes a disclosure notice which the practitioner uses to inform the client about his/her the services they provide, the theory of how it works and the pracitioner's educational background and training in that field of practice. The Bill of Rights also includes the phone number for the Office of Complementary and Alternative Practices (OCAP) which consumers can call if they have questions about a the law or to discuss possibly filing a complaint regarding a practitioner. Click here to read a model Client Bill of Rights.  A practitioner can customize this model Bill of Rights to contain information about his/her actual health care practice and for use with his/her clients; doing this would be key to complying with the provisions of Chapter 146A and being protected by it.