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David Gumpert's Take on MDA's Harassment of Michael Hartmann's wife, Diane
David Gumpert, the owner and writer of a blog called The Complete Patient, wrote a story on the MN Department of Agriculture's change of focus.  Now they are harassing Diane Hartmann.  His blog focuses on people's attempts to eat the food of their choice.

Here is his take on the situation:


MNHLRP President on the Radio

During a recent rally to support raw milk farmer Vernon Herschberger in Wisconsin, MNHLRP President Gregory Schmidt was interviewed for a radio show by Josh Tolley.  Mr. Tolley is a syndicated radio talk-show host, one of the world’s elite business and behavioral strategists, best-selling author, screen writer, developer of many human interaction technologies, relationship coach, sought after advisor, the list goes on and on.

Below is a video tape of the interview.  To learn more about Josh Tolley's radio show, go to www.joshtolley.com. 

Andy Rooney's View on Milk

In honor of the death of everyone's favorite Curmudgeon, Andy Rooney, we wanted to post this commentary of his view on milk.  Only Mr. Rooney could say it in such a cantankerous way and make the point so clearly.

Please view while enjoying a glass of raw milk.

PS--the viewpoints on saturated fats have changed a bit since this was recorded.

Write Letters to the Editor

As you can see below, MNHLRP's efforts to secure easier access to Raw Milk is making the news.  If you support this effort, please write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, and to some of the largest newspapers in the state.

Here is a link to an editorial piece published in the Mankato Free Press.


Please notify us if you are aware of any other letters we may want to post on our website.  Click on our Contact Us tab and give us the link.

Thanks for your continued support.

Raw Milk in the Local Press

MNHLRP's Food Freedom Project is making the news.  Authors have been secured in the MN House (Sarah Anderson, R-Plymouth) and MN Senate (Sean Nienow, R-Cambridge) for a bill which will make easier access to already legal sale of Raw Milk direct from the Farmer to the Consumer.  The Bill numbers are HF 255 in the House and SF 147 in the Senate. 

On Thursday January 27th, an interview with MNHLRP President Gregory Schmidt was featured in a Raw Milk story.  Please click the link below to hear that story.

A press conference was held on Friday, January 28th to answer questions about the bill.  A YouTube Video is below.  One of the featured speakers is MNHLRP Board Member Kathy Johnson.